Getting Started

We are here to help.  Honoring your loved one is a sensitive and personal process and we want to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.  Here are a few tips we recommend to help you in the your decision.

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1.  Gather your loved ones information such as correct spelling of Name Correct Dates of Birth and Passing Utilizing birth certificates, marriage records, vital statistics, Driver’s license, church records and etc. These documents will help to ensure that you have the correct information to proceed.

2.  Gather Cemetery Documentation, e.g.- Deed that outlines, location, Section, Block, Space and whether it is a single, double or cremation space.  This information will help us to meet cemetery regulations and ensure proper placement of monument.

3.  Consider what design might best honor, fit or described your loved one.  Be it classic, traditional, humorous and or
something unique to their personality we want to know their story and share it for generations.

4.  Words of Remembrance.  All monument pricing include Market Design (2 emblems) Name, Dates and a one line epitaph (verse or
saying) on front of stone only. Keep it short, sweet and simple.  Additional fees will be applied for Engraving on back of monument.

*Please note: The Monument Co., stands by our integrity and community values, therefore it is our policy not to accept vulgar or profane images and wording.

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