Granite & Marble Monuments

Granite is a natural product thus varying in density and character. Low density granite allows moisture to absorb which creates premature molding, staining as well as cracking. Our company uses only monument grade granite and works with only reputable quarries and suppliers that offer only the best products.

Color Selection

Granite and Marble Colors

Monument Styles

Flat Marker – Flat markers are leveled to the ground thus the name “Flat”. Required by some cemeteries, this simple, decorative marker can also accommodate a vase that sits flat when not in use is an option.

Bevel Marker – Similar to the Flat Marker this stone slightly inclines from the front to the back giving it a lift for higher visibility than a Flat Marker. It can be set “as is” or placed on a Base; for an added appearance a larger marker and high visibility.

Slant Marker – A Slant is a marker that is thin at the top edge and slants down to a thick base. They come in various sizes including double monuments. Slants can either be directly placed on the ground or can be set with a base.

Upright Monuments – Uprights or commonly referred to as “headstones” is the typical type monument that comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate single, doubles, triples or multitude of Names . They are set on a Base fit to size or larger for vase options. These type monuments are most often utilized when having a large design, photo ceramics or additional work engraved for better spacing.

Wings – Wings are individual uprights set on one base for singles, doubles and or multiples. Varying in size and style, these monuments have many options for Pedestals, Vases and much more.

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