About Us

“Come to the Source”

As a Family Owned Business we began in the wholesale market and by much request, expanded to retail.  Servicing Cemeteries, Funeral Homes,Churches,  Large Organizations and Monument Companies.  Being part of a large family, we understand the importance of honoring our loved ones at the best cost possible. This is why we are committed to bringing affordability to all of our customers. Ethically, we have established our business practices of  fair market prices and take into consideration individual budgets and needs. We contract direct from quarries that offer High Monument Grade Granite and Marble. We negotiate the best prices to extend those savings to you.
We have something for everyone and will ensure that no matter your budget, we will produce only the best.
“Our Monuments are Classy and affordable”.


As a unique and diversified team, we offer a wide array of market designs and specialize in cultural and religious creations. Whatever your thought, idea or interpretation, we work directly with you to ensure our “Quality written in Stone”. Our work is showcased throughout Central Florida in local Cemeteries, Civic Memorials, Parks and Residences, giving the unique identity to each spot.

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